What precautions to take while selling used mobile?

If you want to Sell Used Mobile Phone, you need to back up everything with the help of a computer. If you sell your phone without backup, it can leak your private photos, videos, or important information, creating a problem for you. 

Also, it would be best if you sold your old used phone by seeing the current value of your device. Today, one can quickly sell and buy an old phone with the help of Quickmobile, as they have genuine customers who are always ready to buy phones at low prices. 

Before selling your phone, you should check everything if you want to avoid problems in the future. One can also get reasonable prices for their used phone as they can have real customers by selling it to online websites. 


Back up your data and settings to your Google account

If you have decided to Sell a Used Mobile Phone at Quickmobile service, you need to back all your important data so that no one can leak it. 

Before selling your old phone to an online website, you need to check everything; your data should stay on the phone.

Also, you can save all your essential data in a pen drive, and when you change your phone, you can back it up in your new phone. 


Backup your photos and videos

The second most important thing you should do before selling is to back up all your photos and videos so that no one can misuse your data. 

You can back up all the data on your computer despite storing it on the cloud. 

All your photos and videos can easily be stored on your phone’s memory and saved to the device’s SD card if they have one. 

You must connect your device to a computer to back up your photos and videos. 


Backup your texts and call logs

You can also back up all your texts and call logs so that, in the future, you don’t need to save the names of your loved ones again. 

One can also take the help of SMS Backup, which can be readily available in Google Play. 

Some apps can save your messages and call logs to a file directly uploaded to email, such as Google Drive. 


Finding the right buyer 

If you have decided to sell used mobile phones, you need to find the right buyer who can offer you a reasonable price compared to others. 

If you follow all these steps, you can easily store your data safely, and the most challenging stage is finding the right platform and genuine buyer for your used phone. 

But if you sell your phone to Quickmobile there, you don’t need to find a buyer as they have many customers ready to buy an old phone; it’s a fantastic deal. 


Clean your mobile

Many people think that cleaning the phone is small, but it’s a necessary step that one should follow before selling their used phone. 

You can also unpair all your devices, as Bluetooth in that wireless headphones and smartwatches will stop working if your used phone gets out of range. 

If you clean your mobile, it can make the customers feel good, and they will think that their money gets utilized in a good phone. 

You can also clean your phone with the help of microfiber cloth and alcohol to clean the display, screen, keypad, and plastic to give a decent look. 


Perform a factory reset

You can also perform a factory reset to restore your phone to its factory state. 

This step will erase everything from your mobile phone and give you the look of a brand-new phone. 

You can do a factory reset thrice to ensure that all your data is cleaned out and you will not face any problems in the future. 

Quick mobile performs this process very well before selling as they value their customer’s privacy and will not leak their information to anyone. 

After the factory reset, you need to tap on the Reset button to restart your phone. 


Encrypt your data

Once you have backed up all your data, the last step is to wipe it from your phone. 

Also, to ensure that all your necessary data is gone, you must perform a factory reset. 

The first step you need to do is to encrypt your data; it means that if someone is trying to see data on your phone, they have to enter a password to decrypt it. 

If you want to encrypt your data, you need to go to settings there; you can select security and on encrypt option. 



If you are willing to Sell Used Mobile Phones, you need to follow all these steps so that your necessary data, photo, and videos don’t get leaked. If you have backed up everything, the last step is to reset your phone so that it can work as a new one. Before selling your smartphone, you need to check the market value of your phone so that you can find a reasonable price. 

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