Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Business in 2023

It’s no secret that using social media platforms has become a necessity for any business that wants to remain present and prominent in today’s bustling online world.

From connecting with customers to increasing brand recognition and generating sales, the benefits of social media sites are immense.

Your time can be more productive. If you focus on the platforms that bring in the highest traffic and deliver the best results.

Before you start setting your goals for social media marketing. Which platform can enable you to connect with the right people especially for solopreneurs with limited time.

Are you trying to reach new customers? Drive traffic to your website? Increase the number of people engaging with your brand?

The way you define your goals will allow you to determine only which social media platforms.  You want to use as well as the content you produce and the people you want to reach.

However, there are a variety of things to consider when choosing a platform to invest your time and effort in.

Why are we delaying in growing our audience, increasing revenue, increasing engagement and building a brand? Let’s find out!

Here I am going to show you the most popular social media platforms to enhance the social presence of your business.


Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Your Business


Initially, Instagram was about a photo sharing social media platform,  where users share photos and rarely short recordings.

Instagram is now one of the top platforms for business in recent years, especially those working in the retail and e-commerce sector.

Now, Instagram isn’t just a photo sharing platform, it’s an entire ecosystem of “Surfaces”.  That you can use to build a larger and more cohesive community. This includes Instagram Stories feed posts, Stories, IGTV, Instagram Reels and more.

Positively, the engagement on Instagram remains very high as compared to other social media platforms. Therefore, it is not that difficult to gain traction with your target audience.

From a fully shoppable feed to tons of tools to help small scale companies, it’s clear that Instagram is on a mission.

Instagram is evolving every day. With an increasingly complex and useful asset for advertisers, this is an extraordinary stage in the development of your business.

So, just because you don’t offer a genuine product, doesn’t mean you haven’t been able to build a massive and engaged crowd around your brand.

The fact that influencers are such an integral part of the Instagram community. There are many opportunities to work with influencers who are relevant and can help generate interest for your products and business.

It is true that it may take some work and energy. If you’re able to nail the aesthetic of your brand and inspire your fans with high-quality videos and photos. Instagram can be an excellent platform to promote your products and services.

However, where Instagram has a problem is in its ability to offer “group forums” where followers can interact with each other. Naturally, there are many ways to encourage conversation through comments and DMS.

In terms of audience demographics, Instagram is slightly older than Facebook and has the largest percentage of users in their teens, 20s or early thirties. But, Instagram users over the age of 50 are on the rise and are becoming more comfortable with social media.



Despite changing tastes in social media, Facebook is still the largest platform, with over 2.96 billion active users per month.

Facebook’s vast reach and incredible online media advertising capabilities make it an easy decision for most organisations.

A recent study by Pew Research found that 42 percent of Facebook users had reduced their engagement and daily activities on the platform.

Despite declining user engagement, Facebook is still an extremely popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses and, in fact, 90 million small businesses use Facebook and its products.

Customers interested in purchasing products can use Facebook to find, research new businesses, view ads, and more. If you’ve created a Facebook business page, it can help you establish credibility as a brand and handle a customer end-to-end without ever leaving the website.

In fact, your Facebook page serves as an extension of your blog or store – it’s also a place to share your content.

These are precisely the features that make Facebook an excellent social networking platform that is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

You can also use Messenger to provide support to customers (and generate leads).

Facebook Groups are a place that allows users to connect and interact with individuals with similar topics, which is why they are great for building community.

Facebook groups, in particular, are an extremely efficient and cost-effective way for your business or brand to build communities, increase engagement, and grow relationships with your customers.

Additionally, you can also run highly targeted ads. This is the place to get all kinds of things done! For example, monitoring your audience’s sentiment as well as responding to inquiries to narrow down problems, gaining a better understanding of your audience’s demographics and what interests them.


Twitter is a microblogging platform where users primarily share text based posts called tweets (280 characters maximum) with their followers.

Customers will then be able to like, comment or retweet these gifts to their supporters. It is nothing but a big buzz with people all over the world.

Unlike other social media networks, Twitter is not so much visual as it is a public square in which many voices (including the voices of brands) are able to debate, discuss and voice their opinions.

Twitter is talking to organisations and brands with its crowdfunding, and “40% of Twitter users have bought something after seeing it on Twitter.”

Twitter has 330 million active monthly users, most of whom are under the age of 50. (38 percent are between the ages of 18 and 29 and 26% are between the ages of 30 and 49).

It is the ideal option for businesses to communicate with their customers with news breaking announcements, important messages, announcements as well as other current information

Additionally, you can launch highly-targeted advertising campaigns on Twitter using a number of factors including interests, demographics, operating systems, brands they like, and many more.

Furthermore, since Twitter is generally a text-based platform, it is less live-streamed than platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Linked In

linked in
If you are looking for the right connections with the right businesses, LinkedIn is going to help you out.

Recent data also shows a significant increase in LinkedIn activity. There are over 660 million users on this platform, along with 30 million companies listed on it.

This platform can prove to be a game-changer in driving the audience to the website and other social media platforms.



When users think of Pinterest, they tend to think of DIY projects as well as home decor ideas and fashion trends. However it is much more than that!

Because so many users use Pinterest to find inspiration for their hobbies and interests. It can be an excellent platform to promote products and engage with customers. And even run ads to increase awareness, drive sales or boost conversion rates.

Regular pins have plenty of strength. Each pin contains either a video or image, as well as a hyperlink to your website that allows you to boost sales and traffic.

In fact, Pinterest has an average of 400 million users per month. And drives 3.8 times more sales than other social media platforms.

According to an internal study, Pinterest reaches 77% of women between 25 and 54 in the US. Your content can be seen b searches on Pinterest at any time. And makes your content live longer than Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Pinterest’s most popular interests in terms of categories include food, fashion, automobiles, interior design, and travel for a wide variety of users.

In terms of purchasing power, a recent Pinterest study found that 93 percent of members use Pinterest to plan purchases.  40 percent of members have at least $100k in income.

If your ideal customer is using Pinterest and you haven’t used it in your digital marketing strategy, you may be missing out on an opportunity to connect with new potential customers.



Reddit is commonly known as a “social news website”. According to its own figures, it has more than one million daily unique visitors, which is about 1,000,000 a day.
The website currently ranks as the Alexa-ranked 24th most visited site on the Internet worldwide. Despite its popularity, it has an intimate feel and functions more like a community bulletin board than a social media platform.

Reddit is made up of hundreds of thousands of smaller, more specialised communities known as subreddits.

Subreddits are divided into groups “by location,” “by job,” and so on. Common and unusual communities can be found in forums organised by region, profession, hobby, and interest. You can “subscribe” to different subreddits and create your own unique front page.

If you’re new to Reddit, the front page and various subreddits you might be interested in can give you a feel for how people post.



TikTok may be one of the most recent social media platforms where businesses, brands and influencers are able to have fun and explore new things. It’s likely that there is a community that is a perfect fit for your business.

TikTok’s rapidly growing user base has also led to a wide range of content.  That can be found on the app, giving companies the opportunity to be innovative on the platform.

Dance was once dominated by viral trends. TikTok videos now span almost every possible vertical.  Rrom beauty tutorials to DIY tips for home decor to fitness and educational content on latest news along with social and political issues.

Additionally, it is relatively easy to go viral on TikTok as a company. TikTok’s unique algorithm ensures that even accounts with no followers can get millions of views for the latest videos.

TikTok offers a huge opportunity for businesses looking to increase their visibility.  And connect with a rapidly growing user base by creating engaging and innovative content.



Creating content for all of these platforms takes time. So when you’re just starting out it’s recommended to try each one out to determine the best placement to get the best results.

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